Christ's Bitter Blood

by Malephar

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released April 1, 2017



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Malephar Tornio, Finland

Death metal from Tornio, Finland.

K.K - Guitar & vocals
S.M - Guitar
L.H - Bass
R.R - Drums

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Track Name: Christ's Bitter Blood
Servile masses bow down
Dogs for the divine
Cross engulfed by flames
Revenge is my crime

I emptied the whole chalice
For I was vexed by thirst
It must have been the essence of god
For now I vomit christ's bitter blood

The songs of angels were torture to my ears
And I could not behold their beauty
As the harps play turned backs draw away
Never to return, disappearing into the dark
Track Name: Hour of Possession
Exorcism falls upon deaf ears
The our of possession nears
Hollow vessel possessed by hell
Final sounding of death's knell

Malevolent being
Entity of dark
Evil creation
Sinks the ark of life

Hour of possession
Demonic reign
As your body rots
The soul starts to fray

Soul sold and sanity lost
Final commandment of gore
Prayers are nothing but words
To the son of a whore
Track Name: My Sword Is My Messiah
Black clouds gather over these lands
Troops of death heed the command
Hunger of steel, older than time
Swords clash in triumph, playing the song of this earth

My sword is my messiah
Behold the power of steel
The strong wield swords
The weak were born to kneel

Hellish warfare, legions cut through
Blood red flows, crimson morn dew
Bodies lay dormant, time has passed
Alive once again, peace will never last

This world ends in
In warfare
In glory
In death